To Authors

Rules for manuscript preparation for publication in the Journal "Nutrition Problems"

Warning! This page contains technical requirements for publications in Journal. But it is not enough. It is strongly recommended to read Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

Editors of the Journal asks Authors to adhere to following rules of article preparation:

0. The contents of articles should match the profile of the Journal.

1. Articles should be accompanied by an official direction of the institution where the work was performed, signed by supervisor on the first page, approved by a seal of the institution. In addition to the printed version must be given an electronic version of the article. Manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman or Arial typeface. Supported formats of electonic documents are MS Word 97, 2000 and 2003.

2. On the first page must be placed UDC (Universal Decimal classifier), title, initials, surname and academic degree (rank) of Author(s), the institution where it is made, city and country.

3. The article must be personally signed by all authors. Separately, you must specify the name and patronymic, scientific degree, academic rank, position, address (with five-digit zip code), telephone number, fax number, e-mail of Author with whom you can negotiate or correspondence.

4. The volume of the original article, including tables, figures, abstracts, literature, must not exceed 20, review articles or problem articles – 35 typewritten pages in 2 intervals, short messages – 10 pages, other materials (historical dates, anniversaries) – 5 pages. The manuscripts are printed on one page sheet in 2 intervals with next margins: left – 2.5 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm, right – 1.5 cm.

5. The resume of the article should be clear, concise, without repetition. The text must be carefully checked. All further checks is conducted on the author's original.

6. Digital data must be given in International Units (IU). You should not use abbreviations that are not commonly used. The names of companies, reagents and equipment that are used in articles are given in the original writing, indicating the country.

7. The number of graphic materials should be minimized. Photos should be contrast, pictures  clear. On the back of each printed figure must be indicated (by pencil) figure number, name of the first author, title, marking the "top" and "bottom". The figure captions must be given on a separate sheet. Table numbers must be written on the top right, apart from the name of the table. Figure numbers indices must be at lower left corner. Signatures must be under the pictures: name of the picture, the explanation of symbols – numbers, letters, etc. The captions micrographs indicated an increase and the method of staining. Figures are presented in two copies. Graphic material should not duplicate material tables.

8. References to figures or tables must be indicated by a square on the left margin with corresponding number of the figure or table.

9. Digital data of figures and tables must be processed by statistical methods.

10. References must be provided separately, double-spaced. References to unpublished works are not allowed. References to literature references cited in the order of mention. Number of references to the original papers should not be more than 10, in the reviews – 25.

11. Articles must be sent to the Editor in Russian, Ukrainian or English language. It must include summary of the article (100-250 words) in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages.

12. It is unacceptable to send to the Editor article that had already been printed or sent to other Journal.